Find Your Grind wins Fast Company 'Brands That Matter' Award


Fast Company announced its second annual Brands That Matter list today, honoring brands that communicate and demonstrate brand purpose. These companies and nonprofits have achieved relevance through cultural impact and social engagement and authentically communicated their missions and ideals.

Fast Company Brands That Matter 2022 Award
While conventional career guidance puts an emphasis on salaries and advancement opportunities, Find Your Grind can steer students to careers more aligned to their values and the lifestyles they want to live. “There is so much cool stuff happening in the world now—there are so many options, and lots of kids aren’t aware of the choices,” Gross says. “Like those who want to be athletes: Not everyone will be LeBron James, but there are hundreds of other jobs in sports—from sports medicine to social media— and we can prepare them for those opportunities.”

Scrapped too are the sometimes hours-long personality assessments. Find Your Grind relies on a series of short assessments that help students explore their priorities and see how those might relate to different career paths. And the platform offers digital experiences that bring career choices to life through conversations with mentors working in the field. All of the content is delivered in bite-sized formats designed to resonate with Gen Z minds. Progress is assessed through a Future Ready Score that offers relevant data to teachers and parents.

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